finished poster.

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This is the finished piece that I have done there is a lot of information on here and it is also labelled as best and as simple I can the reason I used this background is that its shows the clearness of each picture and the line graph too, I used a simple title because I didn’t want it to take over the actually information graphic. I have put it in simple terms so it doesn’t have to be explained as much and you can look at the graphic for the information¬†that you are looking for.

finishing up

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As you can see the poster is now coming a long I used landmarks of the countries that I used to show the life expectancy its isn’t very clear at the moment i will try and make it more clear I am also changing the design of the overall poster also as the legend is not needed any more due to changes that I have made.

Population bar chart

The bar chart is different just like the life expectancy chart where instead of using just normal bar charts I instead used a person with the different sizes and this ended up looking good and is pretty clear on what country is what and that the countries also compare to on the other charts. Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 14.44.44.png

Line graph

The line graph I have incorporated into the graphic is the most simple in the poster because I need to do the research than I can put the information on the poster, it is very clear to see what the information shows as you can see here on the picture below the line graph has been put on there is only two things that I need to do know.


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I researched individually the amount of percentage of obesity in each country so that I can get an accurate reading of each country and what is stable to get a proper percentage other than a random list of each country.


Drafting of my poster I have decided to use 7 countries with the highest obesity rates and some low the colour will not be the same it can change but the legend can also change, the countries that I have decided to use can give some insight into countries other than the main ones most people know that obesity about America and the UK and others in Europe but they don’t know who are the worst which is countries that are in what seem that shouldn’t have obesity problems.

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The research I conducted was hard to do because of the bias that is in a lot of the websites there are a few that give good examples like the research in the picture, with most websites saying america is the fattest because of the amount of people in the country this goes by the percentage of obesity in the country so it seems like this research is reliable because it has the same as others and also a wide variety of actual data that is actually on there.

By Michael Horbacki