This task was harder than I expected it to be as I thought that because it was something that I like that I would be able to get it over and done with and that I could come up with many ideas.

When starting this I didn’t have a lot of idea and not sure where to start because of what my project was which it star wars and the family and friends that are involved in the films which I thought would be fun.

I had many ideas because I wasn’t sure how to make it unique in a way that would make it good and stand out with everyone else posters. I have about 4 different ideas that go into each other that then create the final poster.

The final poster is a light saber showing off light a family tree with different colours going of in different directions so that it is like a timeline and a family tree at the same time.

It didn’t go to well at the start because my computer which had my poster on it had messed up and I had to restart and delete everything from my computer in order to get it working again.

when I did this I had to think of something else to do because it started getting close to the deadline and I wouldn’t be able to create something as good.

I updated my Blog a lot with ideas and updates on the poster also with designs and other things to.

I Believe that this could have gone better if I managed my time right and maybe if the computer didn’t mess up but I hope that hand in everything on time.


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