The website so far

The website has some pages from the home page and a sign up page and a about us page here are some screenshots of what these are. Because I wanted to look at designs I wanted to see what it looked like see that I could do to it. This is simple for the website at first.



find a matchabout.php

about usThese are the straight forward simple pages to the website.

The next steps are for the website would be to make the website functional so people can properly use it by;

connecting the sing up form to a database, this is so the user information can be stored.

only being able to view certain pages after signing up for example profile.php and match.php and also the logout button.

Profile.php needs to be able to show information of the person who has signed up.

Being able to be directed to a profile page after signing up for easy accessibility.

Getting matches with the information giving on the match.php.


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