Designs and picking a name.

We are doing a dating site so we would have to pick a name that would go with the University and also have some sort of design that would allow us to have something that is recognisable, as a group we decided on a normal text logo instead of image because we wanted it to be noticeable to people from fonts and colours like other websites.We have thought of three names that may be good for the site, which are




With these three names we started talking about what was good and bad about each name uniDate is relating to University but it is not just for Bournemouth it can be seen as being for all Universities, You&I is a good idea but it is a name that can suggest a broad idea of instead of just Bournemouth University it can be for all people as it doesn’t have a link to University or Bournemouth in the title.We decided on using BUsingles because it uses Bournemouth in the title also having University to so it can be easily seen that it is a website for people in Bournemouth, so we decided to go with BUsingles.

We would need a colour scheme for the website we looked at the University to see if we could use that in some sort of way because it is especially for Bournemouth so it would make the most sense that we would use it but we looked at other dating sites to see what they do and they all use to major colours and have a white background thats when I thought that we could use this to but not as the same designs as what most websites I have.



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