Login box

When people logged into their profiles they would see the login and password tabs at the top of the screen so they can actually login but they would still see the login the login box we would have to get rid of this which you can see below it is still there.


To resolve this we would have to change the code on the homepage which looked like what it is below and has no been changed so that it allows it to disappear when you log in.

This was done by putting <div class = “login-box”> with the code

<?php if(!isset($_SESSION[“username”])) { ?>

<?php } ?>

This means if the username is not entered then show the <div class =”login-box”> but when it is entered and the password is to then it would disappear.


This is what it looks like we also put in a message so that it allows you to know that you have actually looged in to the website.



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