Using bootstrap for about.PHP page

We had to make an about us page which was about my group and I, we also had to explain what the website what and what it was about. It got suggested to use that we should use bootstrap so this is what we did.


Bootstrap helps you find the basics into building a website it would download basic source code for example JavaScript and fonts for our website you would also download it itself which has CSS JavaScript but this doesn’t have any documents.

we used a jumbotron template which as you can see below on our about us page it is easy to navigate and is user friendly so it was our best option for what we wanted to do.


From this the code would get put into this from all the downloaded bootstrap files into the local host which would be opened into a brackets window which is a code writing editor, we had to make it so that it can be interpreted into the website.

The about us page which is above has three pictures and a paragraph about he each of us it isnt the exact same as the original template this was the result of that.

References, 2015. Bootstrap. Available from:

[Accessed:27/2/2015], 2015. Getting started. Available from:

[Accessed 27/2/2015]


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