I have been researching what countries have the highest count in life expectancy. For my research I have been using a website published by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) – because I found it to be a good resource (and because it is a government website – as per .gov domain). The site correlates data about 224 countries with life expectancy rates for each country. The link below is a link to that site.

From this list – the top 10 countries with the highest life expectancy are Monaco, Japan, Singapore, Macau, San Marino, Iceland, Hong Kong, Andorra, Switzerland and Guernsey.  Out of the 10 top countries 89 years old is number 1 in the rankings and 82 years old is number 10 in the rankings, the reason I’m looking at these statistics is because there is a lot of change in the top ten and it is the most change that happens in a short amount of time, this is what I hope to use as information for my poster.

The link below is another place where I can get information about life expectancy of different countries it is not as clear and has a story with it but is still usable because it is by the Telegraph and cannot be altered by the public it is also a newspaper and can be relied on because it is required to uphold it on part of the profession.

It shows that Asia has quite a low average and Europe have quite a high expectancy – The reason I looked at this is because , the problem with this that the other site has is that it is for 2013 and the first link is updated to 2015, which could make the information a bit off and not usable.

There is also a world time clock of when people die and when people are born it shows the ratio and where in the world this is happening which could contribute to my findings – the reason behind using this is because I wanted to find out where the most deaths were in the world so that I could see if the information I looked at earlier was from death toll which it is not as a lot more deaths are in Asia compared to Europe and america.

There are many world clocks and they all say the same thing so I went with the one that is the clearest – because it is the clearest it is like something that looks good so it can be relied on.



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