Looking into design ideas for my poster, I tried looking into information graphics that were already out on the web, I looked through a few different people and just other places on the web to get some inspiration. I looked at this graphic designer called Jack Hagley where on his website there were quite a few different graphics being information, he’s designs are quite detailed as in there is a lot going on and it looks good too one of the designs I chose to look a ‘star chart’ of different media companies in London but in so instead of a boring graph he instead mad the graphic look like space with every company being a star.

I thought this design was really good even though it is very complicated it is all companies with a legend to show what’s what – the reason I looked at this design is because I thought it was interesting to look at this design because it is a unique design but very complex which is something that that I like.

There are other graphics on here too that have given me some inspiration for example: The world as 100 people, which is a graphic that is very simple but shows a lot of information that is very clear, it shows all information about the world in the most simple terms in a wheel with different colours and labels to show what each thing is and what each colours shows.

The design of this graphic is very simple with a lot of information on it I like this because it holds a good amount of information with not having a lot of things going on in the poster. I wanted to do something like this for my own graphic, being simple but holding a lot of information.


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