the poster

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This is the first look at my poster at the start of what I’m doing with the three bar charts and a legend I am yet to add the data from which I have researched I am trying to add a kind of an artistic vibe to the poster too so hopefully I can get a better message out other than a boring bar chart.



I am also thinking of doing a pie chart kind of poster not in the same fashion but with the same kind of designs but with more of an edge.

I have seen that pie charts are quite easy to do and they are a simple way of showing the data that I have accumulated with my research, the main views of the chart would show the age of death and the obesity ratings in different countries and then I would show population of each country as well.


When designing my poster I have taken into account what I have looked at in the past with Tufte and also with and also Hagley. With them in mind I wanted to look at some other kinds of styles but I want to have as much information in it as possible, my first design is one that I quite like because it is simple but it shows a lot of information, obviously it will more edited and will look good I am hoping to use colours to catch peoples eyes and use the national landmarks also to show where they are in the world because people should know a lot of these.

First rough draft

My first draft that I can think of this is just ideas which is what below is, my ideas for it is that I will have three graphs;

1. Population which the people that I use will all be different sizes compared to the country that is there.

2. Obesity with a line graph to show how high the average weight is for that country depending on what country it is as the data will be different for each country.

3. Bar chart but instead of using the bars I will try and use buildings or national landmarks of each country to make it show each country and where they are on the chart.

I may be thinking of changing population and expectancy depending on what ideas I can think of.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 14.12.47.png


This is my final piece from last year, with it being slightly different this year then I be looking at this to reflect on what I did wrong with it and also what I did right.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 13.30.59.png

The colours of the poster let it catch the eye of the consumer, also with the comparisons of each country so you know which country has what overall expectancy every country I used so you can see the comparison of every country. The colour ways that I used worked well together because of the similarities, the neutral background makes the colours stand out even more.

Because the title is so big it is competing with the graphic itself,it makes people looking at it confused into what they are looking at and it is giving to much information, the background can also be seen as bad because of how dull it is, and that there is not much going on with it.

With looking at a YouTube video (video) about the comparison of the planets and stars in the universe it was on an continuum. It gave me the idea to have something like this in my graphic like a population and an obesity comparison to each country and show each population with one graphic and showing obesity or body mass with another and then life expectancy with another.

Looking into designs

Looking at work with Jack Hagley and seeing all the contrasts of work that he does for different kinds of projects the way that they are done from being very complex to very simple depending on what the kind of project is, what I wanted to to do is something that seemed simple but then when you look more at the details it has a little more detailed than expected so that and also you can understand the information that is on the poster as well as that is what I look at the most because I want it to be able come out and let people know without an explanation like for example Jack Hagley’s world as 100 people

From the title and the way it is set up it is easy to see exactly what it is and what he is doing with the design which is why I would like to not have the same design but have something simple like that.


Ideas for designs by looking at other designs I want to go with something quite simple with simple colours I’m thinking of using a legend to make it clear and just using one colour also depending on the type of poster I am going to do. actual designs of the poster are yet to come.

By Michael Horbacki